What I Love About My Beloved, Isabel Thiel

What I love about my Beloved. 

  1. She calls me Benjamin, something that is shortened to Ben by everyone else. 
  2. She is fiercely protective of her own
  3. Her eyes sparkle with adventure
  4. She keeps us from going broke
  5. I love her exotic hair 
  6. She lets me keep poopy birds in the backyard 
  7. She is diligent to keep us all healthy
  8. Makes amazing hamburgers
  9. She knows how to play board games 
  10. She has cute little toes
  11. Her little hands and long fingers fit perfectly in mine
  12. She can fight like Catwoman
  13. She can shoot a rifle as sure as any man
  14. She loves her children
  15. She can sing like a bird
  16. She picks my clothes out for work and lets me dress like a slob at home
  17. She is assertive 
  18. She has encouraged me to work a low paying easy job if it makes me happy
  19. She can improv better than most
  20. Her lips are most kissable
  21. She can play pretend
  22. She covered me with a rifle more than once
  23. She is a formally trained barista and isn’t afraid to demonstrate
  24. She lets me do science experiments in the kitchen 
  25. She doesn’t mind if I dress out animals in the backyard
  26. She cares about both of our parents
  27. We can find each other in a crowd of 10,000 without a cell phone
  28. She makes beautiful babies
  29. She is forgiving
  30. She can hike
  31. She can wilderness camp
  32. She has dreams for our future
  33. She won’t let anyone make fun of me in her presence 
  34. My name is safe with her
  35. She doesn’t mind that my six-pack is now a mini-keg
  36. She makes up dance moves on the fly
  37. Can pinch a penny until it cries
  38. She has faith and knows how to pray
  39. She lets me fail at new hobbies over and over again 
  40. Makes me go to the doctor
  41. She is not materialistic and would make a tent feel like home
  42. Shops at the dollar store with me and we pretend we are big ballers
  43. She can cook better than any restaurant
  44. She is into science
  45. She makes me feel like Bear Grylls is a putz because I am around 
  46. She has no backup or backdown
  47. She doesn’t wear makeup
  48. She doesn’t wear jewelry
  49. She makes me 3 eggs and two pieces of toast every morning
  50. She can eat sunflower seeds at the dinner table like a lady. 
  51. She listens to my war stories
  52. She makes pottery 
  53. She is faithful to church
  54. She helps my children do their homework
  55. She is an accomplished painter 
  56. She lets me believe Bigfoot is real
  57. She likes mini-golf (as far as I know)
  58. She is a safe driver
  59. She makes me wear quality shoes
  60. She follows her own sense of style
  61. She married me

Author: Benjamin

Benjamin Thiel is a husband, father, correctional professional and author of The Ongoing Tale at Brothers Campfire.

75 thoughts on “What I Love About My Beloved, Isabel Thiel

  1. NiyathyDios says:

    Awe.. how sweet of you my dear Brother Benjamin, your best half has got the rarest treasure in this universe. Glad to get to know you both. Stay Blessed! Much love .

  2. cheriewhite says:

    I love this post! ❤❤❤ Ben, your wife is one lucky lady and I admire any husband that loves his wife as fiercely as you do! And she sounds like an amazing lady! You both sound like an awesome couple!

    “She doesn’t mind that my six-pack is now a mini-keg” — 😂🤣😂🤣 Now this made me roll outta my chair! I love how you worded that. As a wife myself, I can tell you that, eventually, our husbands get older and put on a little pudge, but we still love them and think they’re just as sexy!

    I wish you both many more beautiful years together! 🤵‍♂️👰‍♂️💏

  3. Sanjana Singh says:

    Awwww how sweet of you my friend. Such beautiful dedication to your wife. I just love it. And she’s beautiful. Lots of love and hugs to you both💞

  4. KK says:

    Both of you are lucky and made for each other ❤️

  5. bullroarin says:

    Benjamin…you are truelly blessed. A Provebs 31 gal…prov. 31:10-23
    I’m not very witty right now. Been suffering the effects of C-19. I think I’m day 9 but who knows. Wish you well my friend – Dave

    1. Benjamin says:

      Hey, get better soon! I had it bad twice. It can be rough. I lost taste just as much as wit. Praying for you buddy. 🤠🔥

  6. kagould17 says:

    Where would we be without our beloved partners? A good list Benjamin and one that men should complete from time to time. The last item is especially pertinent. Cheers. Allan

  7. Herb says:

    Beautiful tribute and I know first hand that some of those are true for sure.


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