What a teacher learns and sees everyday

Good afternoon everyone, this is Ashley from Tamburelli’s thankfulness.

hope you all are having a great and blessed day. I was just sitting here on my lunch break thinking about my students and what I have learned and seen .

Teaching 14 year old’s(twaddlers) from 7:30a.m till 4:30p.m sometimes 5:00p.m can be a very long day. Those little ones sure keep a person on their toes…it’s no wounder they call that age terrible twos! No matter how crazy it can get, get a little flustered (I do sometimes…not going to lie), and how you want to pull your hair, I love them to pieces. Being able to see my students, work with them, give them hugs always brings a smile to my face. You can’t help but love them; children are such a joy.

Everyday when I’m driving to work as I listen to the audio bible, I pray and ask God to help guide my feet and most of all to love each of my students as he loves them (to show love) …to be understanding and gentle. Being a teacher, you see and learn so much when working with children. You work/teach children from so many different back grounds; some living in homes with only one parent, some living with (adopted) by an aunt/uncle-someone else that isn’t their parent, drug babies, the list goes on and on. To think about it …it’s so sad. Many people may not always stop and think how so many of these children/students teacher work with/ teach everyday don’t receive the love at home from their loved ones. We couldn’t imagine the depth of what a child feels inside… when they go to school, that meal they eat at school may be their last meal until tomorrow.

This could be a child’s only and last meal until the next day …

I remember my very first time teaching 18 early four year olds in Trinidad Colorado at Cog Learning Center.

Playground at Cog learning center where i use to work

That year I had learned and seen so much, a lot had opened my eyes and realized a lot of these children are living in broken homes…want love. Their were some of my students then that were living with their grandma( grandparents) due to their mom/dad in prison.

Photo off the internet

Some of my students were living with only one parent, one was living in a home shelter facility with their mom-the dad wasn’t in the picture. A few of my students were living with one parent due their parents being divorced; the other parent would come to the school to see their child for a little bit for supervised visitation. Seeing these students of mine having to go through this broke my heart. Everyday as I walked into that building and seeing each my students walk through that classroom door made me want to love them even more. A lot of it brough back so many memories from my childhood. Understanding where/ what some of these students were going through, I couldn’t but help love them to death…spend every minute with them as much as I could before it was time for them to go home.

We all have a reason why we work where we work…in some cases, many of us work where we are at today because we either love what we do, we were called to work in field we work in today, and so on.  As they say, when you love/enjoy your job-what you do, it’s easier to enjoy it a lot more compared to not liking your job; it becomes to a point where you don’t look forward going to work. 

If you think about it…where you work, you can make a difference in someone’s life that you work with. Sometimes some of us work just to get a pay check and that’s it…but have you thought how you can make a impact on that one coworker or two, customers, clients ( where ever you work at) life…

We may not realize or even think about it but there are so many that you work with see your actions. Ask your self…what kind of example are you setting/showing??

Being a teacher you don’t realize how these kids/students look up to you; learn not just how to count, colors, letters, days of the week, how to spell their name and so on…they also learn by watching your actions( how you talk, respond and act).

Be a good example

Do you ever wonder where a child learned something from? One of my 2 year old students repeats everything my assistant and or I say. The other day my assistant blurted out, “ dude, that wasn’t nice!”…well now ever since she heard the word dude, that 2 year old is now telling the other students , hey dude…not nice!”.

We as adults really need to watch what we say and do because these little ones catch on very quickly . We need to be setting a good example and being a good role model. Us adults should be teaching these little ones right from wrong.

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