The Tale Of Crazyness

“Study to show your self approved”

Hello, this is Urijah to you from me. I enjoy many things but gaming and airsoft are my favorite. Today was my last day of school and it is now summer. I have decided to post a few blog posts every once and a while. Today’s blog will be a story. This story will be strange it is about the past the future and things that have never happened. This will bounce from many different characters perspectives on things. So let us begin.


“Today is the best day of my life I fixed my thermal thrusters on my airship,” said Tyler. He had worked two days in a row fixing his airship eating only bubble gum and sleeping for only one hour. He walked to his airship singing a song and then he got in. The balloon inflated and he started floating away. Inside the airship, he was in a cozy compartment making coffee and singing about how good his airship was. After he got his coffee he walked to his airships controls and started piloting the airship. All of a sudden he heard a big thunk a glass panel in the back broke. He screamed and turned some of the controls off. The airship started down and he said under his breath “Stupid indians learn to leave me alone.

Just then another arrow hit the airship then in the middle of the hurdle of arrows there was a huge fsshhh pop as the balloon popped. The airship hurdled down, Tyler was afraid and mad. He pressed a button and the roof opened and he flew out of the airship. He used a parachute to get to the ground. On the way down the Indians started to shoot at him. He unholstered his pistol and returned fire. he hit two of the 15 Indians and the rest ran into the forest. When they ran into the forest there was a loud Boom. Tyler looked at the ground on the ground was a fiery mess it was his airship. Tyler started crying and yelling with sadness and anger. He was mad at the indains who destroyed his life savings and wants. Now he was stuck with nothing.


Slovs spaceship

Slov was a young man working on his Space ship when he saw a distress signal on his control panel. Supposedly a steampunk airship had gone down below on the planet called earth. Slov decided to fly down and check it out. He flew down and in five minutes he had found the wreckage. Near the wreckage looked like a man in great distress. He was trying to land but the man looked up and saw the spaceship the man was stunned. Then the man ran away as fast as he could. Slov turned on his abduction machine and sucked him up. Slov then turned his spaceship on levitating and he walked toward the man. The man was scared and backed away. Slov spoke up and said ” I am freindly I will do you no harm”. The man looked at him and said ” Who are you and how did you make me get up here.””I used a abductor” Slov said. The man looked at him blankly as if he knew nothing of this. Slov said “You have a lot to learn.”

Author: Urijah


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