The Tale of crazyness #2

I am Urijah coming back to you spinning another tale. Today is the first day of summer and I am excited to write to you guys.


The tool that sent Iseg to this Realm

On the other side of the realm called Meeslegerd a man paced back and forth he was a noble from a different realm but he had time traveled and used a great item of great worth. Now, he was pondering how to get back to his realm. He had landed in a field that was filled with wreckage. It was a huge ship of some kind but covered in shiny metal objects. Iseg walked to it and touched the side. The side was hot and burning still. It was a heaping mess. he found a metal door on the garbled side and tried to open it. It didn’t budge He was mad and angry he used his strength to open it. It creaked and opened. Inside he found a big flashing panel he was scared and stepped back. He unsheathed his sword and stabbed it. He instantly felt a stunning pain and he fell over. The electric shock went through his body he was scared and then he slumped over unconscious.

Olam The Junker

Olam was a junker from the great people of Junkville. They collected junk for fun and decided to make a whole city of junk they loved it and they found more and more junk every day. Today they decided to leave Junkville and look for another spot to live. As they walked along they found more junk. Soon they found a military outpost in the mountains. They saw big machines and great objects. They decided to go in and loot them. When the people started to walk in there were loud bangs and some of the people died. When they heard a man yell “Put your hands up where we can see you.” Everyone raised their hands except Olam, Olam was the only armed junker and he would not give in and lose any fight.

The Soldiers fired but he disappeared and popped behind the soldiers’ knife in hand. He had used a high-energy item that let him teleport. He knifed the two men where he was and teleported everywhere else and killed the rest of the soldiers but it wasn’t the rest. There was a man with a gun pointed at him and he shot. A shock of pain went through Olams body that he had never felt before and then he slumped over not dead but not feeling the best either. He passed out and hoped this man wouldn’t take his people captive.



Iseg woke up groggily he still felt the pain of the jolt. He still wondered what had happened but in his mind, he put a mental note not to stab flashing objects. he decided to explore the rest of the ship. Inside the ship, he found a black liquid that smelt good then he drank it. It was tasty. On the ground was a full bag and it said Folgers Coffee. He picked it up and smelt it it was the same smell so he took it. He then started looking for more stuff.

The rest of this tale will be continued.

Author: Urijah


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