The Ongoing Tale at Brother’s Campfire Volume 2, Chapter 5 Walter Berengar


Gather ‘Round and I will spin you a tale!

I woke up before daylight and before dad, laying there a while, thinking. I felt very calm and relaxed, maybe even happy.

I liked the Preacher Man’s words and I liked the food. He was so upbeat and encouraging.

Of a sudden, I was a bit embarrassed that I hadn’t helped my parents much and resolved to be helpful.

Rising, I pulled on my trousers and decided not to put my shoes on, for the ground was only a wee bit frozen.

Drawing water from our well, I watered the animals and put feed out, but they weren’t coming out to eat. The milk goat was sleeping, and I had to lead her up to the stool. This was strange as she always went by herself.

Then, I went to the giant crock buried in the yard and pulled out some cabbage for mom to cook with.

Then all of a sudden, a large looming creature came from nowhere with a wooden club, hooping and hollering like a wildman.

“Get out of here before I bash in your skulls, you thieving scoundrels!’

It was dad.

“Dad!,” I yelled,

“It’s me, Walter!”

“Walter? What are you doing?”

“Feeding the animals!” I said proudly.

Lowering his club, dad laughed.

“You sure gave me a scare, son. I haven’t had to kill anyone recently and wasn’t looking forward to it.”

Dad looked at the sky.

“It’s not even midnight son, come on in and go back to bed.”

Author: Benjamin

Benjamin Thiel is a husband, father, correctional professional and author of The Ongoing Tale at Brothers Campfire.

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