Rehabilitation, Supervisors, and Traffic Jams

The journey continues. Isabel, my Beloved is with her mother today. This will be the first time they have been together since the stroke.

Due to Covid restrictions, only one visitor is allowed per twenty-four-hour period, so the first seven days were spent with me making sure she was stable enough to ask for help by herself. She is in hospital rehabilitation now and is making progress.

Today, I will spend time with my children, who have been unable to see her all this time other than video apps. It is hard on them, and I cannot fathom how much.

I look forward to seeing her tomorrow in person, but feel guilty my children cannot.

I would like to give a shout-out to my supervisor. She has gone to bat for me in more ways than one and I appreciate her. While I am out, she is coordinating a large event at the prison that I was responsible for. There will be a live band in a prison and there are a lot of bells and whistles involved.

In addition, It is was her day off today.

As for going above and beyond,

I got a great haircut by Julz at Sassy Shears yesterday and I wrote about it to send traffic her way.

It would seem she sent me more traffic then I sent her. Thank you Julz.

Here is the post she is directing traffic to. You go, marketing barber girl!

Any more, and we will have a jam.

Julz makes jam in large batches so I will definitely be in touch to barter. Real homestead types are hard to find.

Well, that is all. I feel pretty down and helpless right now.

Author: Benjamin

Benjamin Thiel is a husband, father, correctional professional and author of The Ongoing Tale at Brothers Campfire.

35 thoughts on “Rehabilitation, Supervisors, and Traffic Jams

  1. ellie894 says:

    Remember you are helping your whole family right now. It’s all the little things. Sending prayers πŸ™

  2. kagould17 says:

    Its the little things that matter during hard times. Glad people are stepping up for you. Best wishes to your beloved Benjamin. Cheers. Allan

    1. Benjamin says:

      Thank you, I will, Kate. I am spending time with my children today, and will see my wife tomorrow. The haircut was indeed a morale booster.

  3. donmatthewspoetry says:

    Benjamin…I swear that was you parked out of the gridlock and waiting patiently for it to clear. Why do you get yourself into these situations?……

    1. Benjamin says:

      Sideroads, why don’t I take them? Timing? Why is it so bad? Absolutely correct, Don Matthews, I asked for the traffic, and here I am waiting for it to subside so I can move forward.

      Some bad habits are hard to break!

      Have a beautiful Sunday, Don🀠πŸ”₯🀣

  4. Stacey B says:

    How ironic. You made us all feel up & helpful with this story. With ALL of your stories. You’re doing all you can, Ben. And I’m certain your beloved and your coworkers know that.

    1. Benjamin says:

      Thank you Stacey B. ! You are a breath of fresh air in encouraging words! I appreciate you! Today as a day of new opportunities! 🀠πŸ”₯

          1. Cindy Georgakas says:

            oh my.. you’re there for the long haul.. hugs and strength πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™

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