Northwich Warrior -An Ongoing Tale Chapter 164

Brother sat at the Campfire. A fresh pot of coffee had been brewed and it was his second cup.

The Campfire

It was a clear day and the birds were singing. 

Umm, we are fighting over issues only birds understand.

To the joy of the townspeople, drill was cancelled.

No Drill! Yess!! I will put away me pitchfork!

Commander Nicholas sat by the fire, sullen and dark.

Brother was concerned. ” What is wrong?”

Nicholas raised his head. “Brother, we, the 16 of Northwich have come a long way building Northwich, a elite force of men, and a name in La Longi for our reputation for looking death in the eye.”

Brother nodded his head. In cynical fashion he quipped. ” So you want more wages then?”

” Brother, I led men before I went to prison. I made a poor choice and I paid for it. I am Commander of the 16 because it is my identity. Don’t ever bring money into a discussion with me again unless you are buying weaponry. ”

“Thane or no, I will not be disrespected like that.”

One does not trifle with Commander Nicholas.

Brother nodded. ” Fair enough.”

Nicholas continued. ” I sent men far and wide through La Longi and it was difficult to find a single recruit. There are few who are willing to look fear in the eye and write about it.” 

In the Words of Baldwin Mailer,
“Boo that fear.”

Brother was concerned. “That is indeed a problem. The Warriors of Northwich cannot be diluted. A Northwich Warrior must face a fear and write about it to obtain the honor.”

What Fear Will You Face?

Nicholas eyes were fierce with passion. ” I need Warriors for the cause, Brother.”

Northwich Warriors.

(A note from the author)

Hello, I am Benjamin, Author of Brother’s Campfire. The Northwich Warrior Award is given to those who write about a fear or obstacle that was overcome. If you have an article of that nature, post a link in the comments or contact me. However, Commander Nicholas makes the final determination of who can stand tall among the Warriors.

Author: The Storyteller

Benjamin Thiel is a husband, father, correctional professional and author of The Ongoing Tale at Brothers Campfire. His favorite quote is "Don't count the lions. It will make you afraid and slow you down."

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          1. Just had a talk with Lord Canicula. He says that Northwich is a promising state. They might be helpful in the war against the Xenophian devils.

          2. A map there is indeed. Many maps infact. But most of them are scribbled in a journal not to be read by any as long as Lord Mark lives. But you can get a basic one at

            In case you wish to learn a bit of the world of Vulpardeo, you can read a bit about it in my Destiny series. Start

            It won’t tell you much. But there is a whole lot of lore in there.

          3. I have a doubt. I have read only the first few posts about your story and am trying hard to catch up. But who is Captain Nicholas? Is he brother? I remember Brother had a different name, definitely not Nicholas. Will Captain Nicholas be introduced in the future? Or is it a title given to Brother

          4. Brother is Emerson Berengar, Ruler or Thane of Northwich.
            Nicholas, was a criminal who used to be a soldier. He lives in Northwich and leads a band of men for Brother.

            Nicholas has had several titles, But his current Title is Commander Nicholas of the 16.

          5. Originally, he was just one of 17 criminals brought to Northwich by Brother. One died on the way, making 16.
            His leadership was demonstrated in the Battle of La Longi. This propelled him from the Town Watchman to Captain and on to the Rank of Commander.

          1. I wonder if I am a big enough blogger to give away my own awards. The Vulpardeon Award, maybe. You would be the first recipient for sure.

          2. Yes, you are. Give them mostly to bloggers that are brand new to encourage them. I would reccomend using a template that is similar to other awards so it is not confusing to them. The Northwich Warrior Award is only handed out by my site. It is not a chain letter like the other awards.

          3. Nice to know that you think so. If I do make an award, I will give it to one person at a time and ask them to nominate one person further. That way it will be easy to track who all got the award. I guess instead of asking questions, I would tell them to do something creative. For now, I will wait to grow a bit more.

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