New Horizons as Told at The Campfire

Hello, Benjamin from Brothers Campfire here!

I have been working with members of the Mennonite community and they provide services to the incarcerated population in Colorado.

To my chagrin, there were a few political concerns and they were not allowed in for a while.

We do not have the same belief system, (I don’t believe in the Trinity),but I will tell you what, they know how to create structure in a prison and ensure positive outcomes.

There was a void when they were not in the prison and they were missed.

In my capacity in the prison, I ensured I was the first to go and ask for them to return. We should never have kicked them out in the first place.

(If you are in my prison leadership and you disaprove of my opinion, eat a rotten otter.)

Anyway, on a personal note, they are a wealth of information and have given me advice on all of my agricultural endeavors.

In addition, they have a nifty chain of thrift stores. Some of them sell chocolate covered coffee beans. I mean, shopping for mom, coffee for dad… Wow, just wow.

Well, got to go for now. If you are ever in Colorado, Meet a Mennonite. 😁

Author: Benjamin

Benjamin Thiel is a husband, father, correctional professional and author of The Ongoing Tale at Brothers Campfire.

9 thoughts on “New Horizons as Told at The Campfire

  1. Iseult Murphy says:

    Well done for getting them back in the prison. It’s a shame they were got rid of in the first place.

  2. Jewish Young Professional "JYP" says:

    It’s impressive and important to have people work with the prisoners.My Rabbi would go to the prison in a Jewish chaplaincy role, and I met a poet through the blog world who ran poetry workshops at a prison near her (this is outside the USA). We shouldn’t be turning anyone with pure intentions away

    1. Benjamin says:

      If you know any Rabbis in Colorado that wish to volunteer …..send them my way!

  3. Lookoom says:

    Mennonites are doing great things in the Latin American countries where they are, they are doing much better than the locals.


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