It’s going to be a week…

Hello Ashley here from Tamburelli’sthankfulnessandlove

Well..: were do I began…

It’s been a crazy morning so far…feels like last Friday has done and just repeated it selfs… don’t you just love when that happens !

Due to other Tod classes being full…yup , they transferred some of those Tod kiddos to my class meaning some of my twaddlers had to be moved up to preppers. This makes it very frustrating but….things are going to happen that we may not like. Like my mom would always say, oh well, you’ll get over it .

Thinking of my schedule for the rest of the week makes me feel good in some ways because that’s less time for me to be home alone.

Looking ahead from now …I get off of my first job at 4:30 probably 5 if they are short handed. Then go clean the church school right after ( takes me a hour), then go home scarf something to eat finally get ready for church and go to church. I’m sure needing church , thank the Lord!

Tomorrow ( Wednesday)and Thursday I go in to work later since one of the lead teachers switched shifts with me so she can get off earlier…so that means I go to work at 9a.m and get off at 6; I get to help close. Then go clean the church school right after. So looks like I’ll be done with work around 8p.m. Friday will be another long day ish due to work at 7:30a.m till 4:30-5:00p.m then deep clean the school which takes me around 3-4 hours to do. So I’m thinking after work Go grab something to eat real quick then start cleaning the school around 6 something and be done around 9-10p.m. Usually I deep clean in Saturday’s but I’m trying to leave those days open in case anyone needs help with anything. This Saturday I’ll be going to Trinidad Colorado to see my mom and sister for the day and to help my mom make a cake she has to make for someone. Plan is to try be in Trinidad by 9a.m and leave around 4:30 ish to be back for family prayer night. Then church Sunday!!!

Yes long days but good and blessed days . I rather stay busy then doing nothing. No matter how tired I am, if someone’s asks me to help with anything , you count me in…no matter the time of day or night.

Not giving my self pat on the back or anything but sadly we see hardly anyone that is willing to make them selfs available to help someone that is needing that help.

I’m really trying not to make this all about me because that’s not what I’m doing….just pouring out what’s on my heart…

Going to be honest, sometimes I feel I get in peoples way too much where I’m in the way or trying to take over ; which is not what I’m doing. It’s just that’s all I know how and what to do by helping others as much as I can…try to take some of the load off so they aren’t stressing or anything . But understanding there are some that don’t like that . Some may feel I’m trying to take over, or something …I don’t know. Knowing me I’m wrong…just something to Continue to pray about.

That’s one thing I always try to Avoid is always being right there in someone’s life where’s it a constant thing . When people start to push me away or step in like they don’t want me bothering helping anymore or being around that’s when I learned to just step back and wait until they need me.

Helping and being their for someone as much as I can Expresses who I am as an individual…I’m tired of having Regrets of not being their for someone when they needed me….suppose that’s why I do what I do …but try to be careful not to cross the Boundaries or anything; most of all push people away.

Anyways ….my lunch break is about to be over . Hope you all have a wounderful rest of your day.

Let your light continue to shine

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  1. Beverly says:

    Wow Ashley, this is so amazing! Great job! 👏. I am so happy for you. I will be praying for you on this endeavor. 🙏


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