Isabel’s Grand Vitara


Benjamin from Brothers Campfire here!

I have been binge playing RoboMiner, and Android game where you have to find a gem underground in increasingly deeper depths.

I have to let it go. It is a good time killer while waiting and simple. It was just too addicting!

If you want to use your time wisely, do not download this game. You were warned!

Yesterday was a blur of busy. My father-in-law took Isabel to the auction to purchase a car. While she failed her last driving test, we have high hopes!

Suzuki Grand Vitara

I am thankful for her choice as I can use a compact sport utility vehicle.

Meanwhile, I dropped my children off at the church for a volunteer function, got my oil changed and tires rotated, and aquired some additional seeds for the yard.

When I got back, she was jonesing to try it out.

In a controlled setting, she went out and drove it with me.

She wasn’t too bad. The steering wheel will require modification for effective driving. They manufacture parts for one-armed drivers.

Later in the day, it was nearly time to pick up the kids. They were raising money for a youth camp.

After some Taco Bell that was ill prepared, we elected to support the function.


Upon further inspection of the vehicle, we will need a new rim, windshield, and a radio. Not so bad so far. My father-in-law is making the repairs, so way cool!

Later, we went on a mini-date. We stopped by the Seven-Eleven we met at 18 years ago and ate a brownie. Then, we went to Walmart and purchased ice cream.

Our Walmart Security Selfie.

Well, thats all for now. See you next time.

Author: Benjamin

Benjamin Thiel is a community leader, urban farmer, and author of The Ongoing Tale at Brothers Campfire. He might know a guy...

38 thoughts on “Isabel’s Grand Vitara

  1. Homemaking in the Dunes says:

    I love the sweet moments you share about your wife. I pray she passes her driving test next time. You can tell I failed my driving test three times because I couldn’t parallel park. I even hit a police car. It sounds like you got a good deal on the car.

  2. Omatra7 says:

    You guys are the cutest ❤️🙌

    I love your pic of the date – that’s hilarious lol … so brilliantly creative lol

  3. Lookoom says:

    I laughed at the security selfie, not sure that’s what the camera is for 🙂

  4. Adelheid says:

    Oh, how sweet! A mini-date to where you first met! 🥰 By the way, your Beloved is looking good. ☺

  5. equipsblog says:

    My first husband and i are celebrating a large anniversary this weekend. He will always be my first husband and so far is my only husband.


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