HH Tires Got Me On The Road So We Could Work Other Wheels.

Hello, Benjamin from Brother’s Campfire here!

Prior to my Beloved’s pick up, I got a flat tire. I filled it up and hoped for the best.

It held air enough for her return after the stroke, prescription pickup and a drive to HH Tires.

Isabel, my Beloved returned yesterday.

Fortunately, the tire was under warranty as there was a nail in the sidewall.

HH Tires treated me solidly. I arrived 15 minutes before closing and they had my tire changed in a Jiffy expeditiously. They had excellent customer service all the way around to include smiles and handshakes.

(For those from other places, Jiffy is a competitor.)

HH Tires is a class act, and if you ever visit the Campfire in person, I will refer you to them.

HH Tires keeps me on the road.

That was the gist of yesterday.

This morning,

Isabel got out of bed and into the wheelchair without assistance, prepared herself fried eggs and navigated the ladies room. She even got dressed with no help!

Today for me was adulting.

Bill pay, appointment scheduling, shopping, and prescription medication sorting was all done before 1PM.

After lunch, we took my Beloved on a stroll and covered a fair amount of distance.

Me? Well… I am under the weather. I don’t have a fever but I feel like death and it is hard to sleep. Perhaps it is the body coming down from all the crazy that started in December 2021. Thank you to all who have journeyed with me thus far.

For Those Just Arriving At The Campfire,My Beloved Had A Stroke.

Author: Benjamin

Benjamin Thiel is a community leader, urban farmer, and author of The Ongoing Tale at Brothers Campfire. He might know a guy...

19 thoughts on “HH Tires Got Me On The Road So We Could Work Other Wheels.

  1. lindacrampton7495 says:

    It’s wonderful that Isabel is already so capable. That might increase her confidence and help her recover. I hope that your problems are just a result of all the craziness. You and your wife have been through a difficult period.

  2. kagould17 says:

    I think after you got your beloved home, your body said, OK, now I can relax and feel lousy. Get some sleep and feel better Benjamin. Allan

  3. Michele Lee says:

    Oh goodness! Always something, isn’t it. Fortunately, you were safely back on the road, after a quick fix. I am pleased to read your wife is making progress. 😇

  4. herbthiel says:

    H&H has always treated me pretty well, also. Glad to hear Isabel’s doing so well, too.

  5. Ryan Callahan says:

    It’s awesome to hear your wife is doing so well, praise God. Sorry to hear about you feeling ill now. Praying the Lord heals you and lifts you up. Continued prayers for your wife too. Blessings to you all!

  6. Jeff says:

    Father, please give Benjamin some good rest/sleep, now, and give him strength. Help him to recuperate from the events of the past few weeks. Psalm 4:8


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