Experiencing New Things 30 years later.

Finding experiences in a COVID lock down experience is difficult at times, even here at the Campfire and we are full of ideas. Life can be  redundant and downright awful if you allow it but that is not what you came here for.

We set off first to experiment with siphons and vacuum. To top it off, we learned about primary colors by mixing food coloring in it all.

It was pretty fun and we learned a lot this morning.

Then, from Goodwill, we pulled out a prize from 1990.

Whitewings Paper Air Planes. Plastic wrapped and everything!

This was no perferated plug and play, it is necessary to carefully follow directions, use glue and cut the parts out. Some of our first plane is still drying.


One of the notable things about unboxing a 30 year old kit is the club application. It required a stamp and did not ask for an email address.

After checking to see if the company is still around we gave it a go. Perhaps we can join the club!

Meanwhile, my wife shipped out a few orders from her business. You can shop there if you want. Her Ebay Business.

Meanwhile,my daughter practiced her piano. She is coming along nicely!

Things warmed up a little, and I was able to provide fresh water for the ducks.

Overall, we are aiming to stay engaged during these trying times. I encourage you to do the same.

Author: The Storyteller

Benjamin Thiel is a husband, father, correctional professional and author of The Ongoing Tale at Brothers Campfire. His favorite quote is "Don't count the lions. It will make you afraid and slow you down."

53 thoughts on “Experiencing New Things 30 years later.”

  1. The atmosphere is warm and very family-oriented, it’s very pleasant, I like to hear your daughter, she is talented!
    Special mention to the jazzy atmosphere for the ducks, frankly in times of covid, they look like in a vacation club, spa, and ice massages at will !!!

  2. That’s what I’m talking about, old school! 👏😎😂. Not just the “find” at Goodwill, but the family activities, the quality time, slowing down to enjoy His blessings. He knows just what we needed in these times. Excellent job as always, nephew. His timing on this much needed post.

    Also, she is an amazing musician and he is an engineer in the making….blessings from God!

  3. That girl puts something into it when she sings. The twelve-year veteran of life an engineer? Oh yeah, highly possible. I liked the jazzy score for the ducks, too.

  4. Hi there! A very encouraging post. Video believe that we are going to get back to simpler times, just as simple as an airplane made of pliable materials. I am eager for the return of real people in place of automated people.🤔🙏

  5. Great post Benjamin! Nice to return to some of the simpler things from years ago. Great time to have quality family time which is missing so much in our modern world. Have a great weekend!😁😺

      1. Thanks Benjamin, I was working on something, but it got a bit long and wasn’t sure about doing a 2 part, so I’ll try something else, should be ready soon!😀😺

        1. So, I think my audience has a 1000 word attention span from what I can tell. I am gauging this off of average time spent on a page.

          I have noted that breaking longer segmenta up with photos has increased time on the page.

          While I have you here, do you mind being reblogged?

          1. Yes, that’s true, photos can make a difference, I always like to use some. Reblogging is fine, don’t mind at all. Hopefully I should have something ready later today or tomorrow afternoon. Thanks again Benjamin!

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