Ducks, Ice, Coffee, and Bread at Willow Manor

Hello! Benjamim from Brother’s Campfire here!

It is a little colder here in Colorful Colorado, (Colourful Colourado to my audience abroad) and the duckies tried their hand at ice skating for the first time. Ducks have no nerves in their webbed feet and are tolerant of cold environments. I went ahead and broke it up after this photo as well as three other water sources. Waterfowl need to be able to dunk their heads at a very minimum.

As you can see in the photo. Armando, the Goose provides overwatch for his flock. It is a fortunate thing that we are on good terms, because he looks for trouble, and when he finds it, he handles it.

In other news, a twelve year veteran of life made artisan bread for the first time. It was delicious!

Here is my advice for aspiring bakers.

While the combination of flour,water, salt, and yeast is an art form, it is scientific method first. Follow the directions first and then let your heart follow.

Coffee, on the other hand, I experiment with a little more.

I had a few “K Cup pods” laying around.

While I don’t have a Keurig to prepare them in,I do have the Dollar Tree. For one dollar we purchased a sink drain mesh cover and attempted a pour over with near boiling water.

The result was a flavorful cup of coffee!

So strong it trys to escape containment

Well folks, that’s all I have for now!

What are you all doing to pass the time when you are not at work or school?

Author: The Storyteller

Benjamin Thiel is a husband, father, correctional professional and author of The Ongoing Tale at Brothers Campfire. His favorite quote is "Don't count the lions. It will make you afraid and slow you down."

93 thoughts on “Ducks, Ice, Coffee, and Bread at Willow Manor”

  1. What are you all doing to pass the time when you are not at work or school?

    Sir currently I am in school and studying in class 12th facing so many problems due to covid because all the schools or coachings are closed
    Currently doing blogging for passing the time. Blogging has many advantages and very helpful for sharing our views.
    And preparing for exams 😊

    1. I like to write to pass the time! So many things are closed right now and I spent my vacation at home. Tomorrow I will be off to work.
      Thanks for your response, Sudarshan Paliwal! It is always nice to hear from you!

          1. Many years ago there was something called the Boston Tea Party where Patriots dumped tea in the sea as protest to a tax.

            I like Bengal Tea and so did my Grandmother.

          1. That’s so sweet of you
            And when you visit India please also visit my city Bhopal very beautiful city surrounded by 3 lakes and Bhopal also knows as City of Lakes

  2. So nice to read about your life. It never gets cold enough here for the pond to freeze over. We are moving into summer here. Do a lot of walking the dogs, growing tomatoes and strawberries at the moment, otherwise I am always exploring and experimenting with art processes.

      1. Yeah it is pretty neat, I marvel at the design and designer who created it.

        Yes I am preparing for a new series on art for people interested in art and creativity, I also plan to share some of my personal creative journey. I am still deciding whether I will start this year or the in January.

  3. Hello,
    Is there any left over of this coffee? 😉
    When I’m not working I try to write and devote myself to my blog, it’s my bubble …
    I have been to Colorado twice, I have family there, cousins who live in Fountain and Colora Springs, this state is beautiful, I loved the landscapes, it is just magnificent ….
    see you soon

    1. Hello Corinne, there is always coffee at the Campfire!

      It sounds like your family lives nearby! Perhaps I know them. Who could tell, it is a small world! Colorado is Beautiful!

      1. It’s possible, who knows?
        I’m lucky to have been to Colorado, I visited Kissing Camels, Cripple Creek (my aunt liked going to the casino), Denver, and lots of artist villages, and then I went camping in the mountain and the quad with the wood-fired marshmallows !!.
        It was the dream when you were 14 years old, this is America …
        What I preferred is that everything is giant, the landscapes, the cars, the houses, the roads, the shops, the yogurts 🤣
        My first pancakes with sausages for breakfast, you can’t forget it !!! it’s so exotic
        My aunt is French and in the 1950s she married an American soldier she met in Paris, so she left there.
        Thank you for this exchange

        1. Thank you for the vivid imagery of Colorado! It is all true!

          It is interesting you should say that. My Wife’s grandmother is from France and she came to America with her military husband.

          1. It’s the truth, this state is sublime and yet I was born on a beautiful island in the Pacific (and I am very attached to the sea, it’s my DNA), but I must admit that Colorado is great !!
            It’s funny to also have a grandmother who comes from France and who marries an American;)
            Awesome !!!

      1. Lol. I visited a very remote village before and was served coffee similar to what you just did–only it was “real”, ground coffee, in a makeshift strainer. It tasted good! I prefer my coffee black. I like your lifestyle! Ingenious and simple 😊👍

          1. Lol, we’ll see, and we also have plenty of time to catch up in eternity. ✨ Thank you, bro, I do enjoy the warmth and blessing of your campfire. 🔥☕🏕️🌳

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