Brothers Campfire on Burning Jeeps, Little Creepy Crawlers, And To Market

Hello, Benjamin from Brother’s Campfire here!

Macro photography has been fun. Here are a few photos I took recently. I always wonder if insects and arachnids are smarter than we give them credit for.




We had a wonderful day as a family today as well. The Twelve Year Veteran of Life tried out our new forge with some low carbon steel and did well.

I tried as well, but was not nearly as proficient as the little guy.

It was time to go sightseeing and off we went, to find a empty jeep on fire on the highway.

It was disturbing, but all were safe and emergency vehicles were on sight with the occupants.

We moved on to Scheels, an enormous business with a Ferris wheel, outdoor equipment, taxidermy, and a real life talking John Elway.

What a place it was. We spent a good deal of time window shopping as the prices were marked up for the clientele they seek. The Asian Pacific Market was more in our price range so we opted to spend there. One of my son’s favorite things to do there is select noodles. This was an option we considered. You know what I thought was cool? Not the noodles.

After shopping, we test drove a 1993 Jeep Cherokee we were hoping to purchase. My friend, who is a mechanic told me to let the idea go, so I did.

It was time to experiment with the pottery. I tried burning oil in one to reduce the porosity and it cracked. Fortunately, the cup was simple to construct and fire.

In fact, I can make these reliability on a fire. I will be trying more advanced concepts soon.

For those of you that just came to the Campfire, I am processing clay from a nearby creek, mixing it with another clay from near Penrose, Colorado and firing it in my backyard.

Well, that was my day. I will be back to work tomorrow!

Author: The Storyteller

Benjamin Thiel is a husband, father, correctional professional and author of The Ongoing Tale at Brothers Campfire.

51 thoughts on “Brothers Campfire on Burning Jeeps, Little Creepy Crawlers, And To Market

  1. herbthiel says:

    Is that a different katydid? I think the macro photography is really cool. It looks like you’re getting to a place with the pottery that you might be able to start making reliable coffee mugs. There’d be a market for those, I’m sure. We could set up a store and you could sell your wares with an engraving of your logo on it.

          1. donmatthewspoetry says:

            Stay clear of jeeps I think is the message. They attract lightning bolts out of the blue I believe. Or so my Sunday School teacher told me……..

          2. donmatthewspoetry says:

            Are they ones you can make a rapid escape from in the face of danger? If so you’re in. He has given them his blessing. He even has one of his angels hovering above each Escape (no, don’t look up, they stay well hidden. I believe yours is Angel Geraldine. No, don’t ask me how I know…….)

  2. Lookoom says:

    Jeep Cherokee sounds great, I’ve always wanted one, but honestly, for city and highway driving, they’re not the best options. I wish I could use one on backcountry roads.

    1. The Storyteller says:

      I like the idea of a Jeep Cherokee, but cannot currently incur the expense of maintaining one. Two teenagers in my life are the most important investment.

  3. kagould17 says:

    Insects and spiders do make interesting subjects and I am with you, Benjamin. Likely they are smarter than us. They know what to do to live without college courses. A lot of fire in your day to day. Happy pottery learning. Stay well. Allan

  4. Lia says:

    Beautiful snapshots and nice life-storytelling. πŸ“ΈπŸ‘Œ

    Guess it was a clear sign from the heavens that the jeep might not be the best idea! Hope the people were ok.

    A couple of our kids love a good forge, too… No campfires of any kind allowed here in southern Canada for weeks now though, and the ban will last into October… sad for us campfire-lovers, but necessary to protect against further forest fires… there is a water reserve shortage and so no outdoor watering is allowed either.

    Anyway, love the photos and captions! :))

  5. 9siduri says:

    Lovely bugs pics. I can hardly even get the cat to pose. Good luck with the pottery!

  6. KT Workman says:

    Sounds like a busy day. And all the little critters are handsome…a lot of people don’t appreciate a spider’s beauty.

    1. The Storyteller says:

      Thank you! I like spiders as long as they are outside! One time, I let a tarantula sit on my shoulder while observing inmates at the prison. They thought it was cool. Then all of a sudden it crawled in my shirt collar and started walking around! That was nerve-wracking as I did not want the offenders to think I was scared or creeped out. All ended well and I relocated the spider to a safe place where it would not get messed with.

      1. KT Workman says:

        I don’t think I could have remained calm with a tarantula inside my clothing. You’re tougher than I am. πŸ™‚

      1. BBYCGN says:

        I am fine, but a little sad because the day before yesterday I had to put my beloved dog to sleep bcuz she was sick. But I know she is in peace now. Hope you are well! 🌈

          1. BBYCGN says:

            Thank you. 😒 Yes. But God’s time will heal. She was my beloved Australian Shepherd- Red Merle. One brown eye and one blue eye. Super intelligent and devoted. But the vet said it would be completely painless for her to go to sleep. Thank you for your thoughtfulness, my friend.

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