Brothers Campfire #6 The Troubler of Tyndale

Hello. Benjamin from Brothers Campfire. Join me while I spin a tale.

Jesse Belle never left the house without a large hat, thick makeup, and her trademark hoop earrings, and today was no exception.

A fortnight ago, she purchased a plot of grapevines for her husband, and it was time to tour the grounds in style.
As this was a special occasion, Jesse allowed him to come along. While he was technically the Lord of Tyndale, he was weak and she called the shots.

The whole entourage was there, and her bodyguards kept the Pittore at a distance. (The Pittore were freelance painters that pursued well-known individuals to paint a portrait for resale.)

This time, she relented a little, as it was a special occasion. The Pittore asked lots of questions when they painted and she gave lots of answers; she was kinda stuck on herself.

They were all the questions you ask a local celebrity.

“What is the secret to your timeless beauty?”

“What do you do in your free time?”

“How does your husband feel about you seeing other men?”

“What do you do in your spare time? “

“When is your next charity event?”

She wooed with words smooth as oil pacifying the Pittore while posing for portraits.

The vineyard was exquisite, worthy of royalty.
Jesse Belle knew how to put on a party. While it was invitation only, it seemed all of Tyndale was milling about.

There was a wine tasting, and everyone got a wee bit tipsy.

Her entourage was getting their groove on and did not notice when a tall thin balding man approached.

He wore leather, but not the kind that looks cool. The hair wasn’t scraped off and it wasn’t tanned or treated. A distinct leather belt held his outfit together, and he smelled like woodsmoke.

The Pittore noticed and began painting. This would be a noteworthy event.

The backwoodsman shouted,
“Jesse Belle!”

She turned, shocked. Her husband squeezed her tightly for safety.

“John Eli!”

“You shouldn’t be here John. You trouble Tyndale and you are disrupting our party.”

She snapped her fingers and her bodyguards approached John Eli; He ignored them.

“Jesse Belle, you didn’t buy this vineyard. You murdered Nick Booth and had papers forged, calling this vineyard your own.”

“The townsfolk called you timeless, and your beauty unparalleled, but here’s what I have to say. You are a blood-sucking hag and you bathe in burned baby ashes to keep your ancient skin from sagging.”

The townsfolk were shocked. The entourage was exasperated. The bodyguards drew their swords.

Jesse Belle was livid.

“John Eli, leave while you still can. Next time I see you, you are a dead man.”

John Eli seemed relaxed.

“Jesse, next time I see you, I will say you have a smoking hot body.”

Author: Benjamin

Benjamin Thiel is a community leader, urban farmer, and author of The Ongoing Tale at Brothers Campfire. He might know a guy...

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