Brothers Campfire #4 Vampires, Leave Those Kids Alone.

Otis Whitley, the High Lord of the vampires called the meeting to order. 

“Kindred, Let us gather in darkness for roll call. 

As is our unholy custom, when I call your name, state “undead” “


“Undead, my Lord”


“Undead, my Lord”


“Undead, my Lord”


“dead, my Lord”


‘Dead, my lord.”

“We will circle back to that one.”

“Jimmy James”

“Undead, my Lord”


“Undead, my Lord”

“Bobby Joe”

“Undead, my Lord”


“Undead, my Lord”

“Ray Nathan”

“Undead, my Lord”


“Undead, my Lord”


“Undead, my Lord”

Otis was puzzled. 

“Ok… Cletus? Where is Cletus?

Bobby Jo whispered,

“he got fried, by a farmer… one limb at a time. It was horrible.”

“Did you try to save him?”

“We couldn’t. It was broad daylight.”

“Which farmer did it?”

Jackson couldn’t contain himself.


Otis Whitley and everyone else was troubled by these words for various reasons. There were hushed whispers. 

OK… I know I asked, but we will discuss this later in the new business. It is protocol.”

Ray Nathan wasn’t about to hear it. 

“Keep your protocol. Cletus is dead! We have to do something now!”

Elrod the Enforcer had high blood pressure before the transition, and it showed. His role suited him. 

He grabbed Ray by the collar and glared at Jackson. 

“The High Lord calls for protocol. We follow protocol.”

“High Lord Otis, Resume.”

Coughing, Otis cleared his throat, for he was thirsty.

“In our last minutes, we discussed that the vampire orphan blood drive was moderately successful until a farmer named Colby Feldman revealed to the folks of Tyndale that there aren’t any orphan vampire children.”

“This is a closed issue other than what to do with you know… Lilith. She is going to cause us a lot of problems when top dwellers find out.”

Bobby Joe began fidgeting. 

“I don’t think she is a problem per se.”

Otis rolled his eyes. 

“I think we will combine this with new business. Cletus, our kindred and a vegan pacifist, has been brutally ended.” 


The coven was devastated and enraged, eager to say their piece. 

“We should make an example of Colby! Cletus was a good vampire and never hurt anyone after he was turned!”

“Yes! Torture him as he did to Cletus!”

“Burn down his farm and turn his wife! “

The vampires took turns describing in vivid detail how they would retaliate against Colby Feldman. The evil they devised was the evilest of evils, for they cared much for Cletus. 

High Lord Otis called to order. 

“Kindred, we all loved Cletus. He will be missed. Peaceful and unassuming, he walked topside with a broad hat and asked for donations. The Tyndale townfolk accepted him.” 

“The decision to retaliate is unanimous. As Lord of this coven, the final say is mine.”

“Looking back at the meeting minutes of our elders, Colby Feldman, a farmer, ended one of our kin about fifteen years ago as well. Our kindred tried to attack his son by baiting him with a tablet.”

“Before I continue, let it be written that I did an investigation of the matter.”

“Colby Feldman returned to town after a night in the stocks and apologized to everyone for speaking ill of vampires and orphans.”

“Then, Cletus was lulled into a false sense of security when he donated a pint of blood. Cletus was thankful and let him know how it would help Lilith. Colby seemed overjoyed and they discussed alternative vampire foods. 

It was then Colby lured Cletus into a barn to show him some farm animals. Colby violently removed Cletus’ hat and began opening doors and windows and he began to burn.”

Jackson grimaced, revealing a few missing teeth including two of the pointy ones. “YES. ALL THE MORE REASONS TO MAKE HIM SUFFER!”

“Not so fast. In both instances, children were involved and they did not consent for they cannot consent. They are children.”

High Lord Otis beckoned Elrod the Enforcer, and he lifted Bobby Joe out of his seat by his belt. His legs dangled off of the floor and he struggled to keep his balance while suspended. It seemed a small thing for Elrod to hold him that way. 

“Please, let me down!”

“Bobby Joe, you did not follow protocol.”

“We have harbored Lilith for much too long and Cletus in his compassion tried to nourish her. “

“When the townsfolk learn she is not naturally born, we will not have the tolerance of Tyndale and we will all share the same fate as Cletus.”

“You must go.”

“Now? It is daytime!”


Elrod the Enforcer wasted no time, and the protocol of consent was re-established in the coven.

Author: Benjamin

Benjamin Thiel is a community leader, urban farmer, and author of The Ongoing Tale at Brothers Campfire. He might know a guy...

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  1. Cherie White says:

    Awesome story, Ben! “Children cannot consent,” this is sadly true, even against evil these little ones cannot stand and it’s sad. I hope this finds you well! Give Isabel my love. 🤗


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