Benjamin’s Day At Brothers Campfire


It all started when I went to let the birds out for the morning. I stepped on the head of a railroad spike… barefoot.

It hurt. Upon examination, the foot moved and there was no swelling.

Looking back, I wandered somewhat aimlessly today. I made a wooden barrier and planted dozens of packs of wildflowers, and added water plants to a pond. I am hoping they grow fast so I can feed them to the ducks! I also made a mini canal for the duck water to fertilize my potential giant pumpkins. I counted 10 seedlings.

I was easily distracted by little things today. For instance, I recorded this jumping spider killing and eating an ichneumon wasp.

You can see more if you so desire at my YouTube channel. It is pretty easy to find. It is called “Brothers Campfire.” Silly, I know.

I was perhaps distracted by other little things as well.

Breaking the meaningless meandering, my friend Lance stopped by, and delivered three pickup trucks full of brush. I will be burning or composting it, but either way, it will be part of my yard.

A very small portion of the brush.

I took the Thirteen-Year Veteran to two libraries. He needed a card for a different system, so I assisted. Then, he was off to private swimming lessons. Upon our return, I watched a sunset with Isabel, my daughter, and a rat named Claire.

After 0 steps for a whole day, (I dod not wear my Fitbit), I propped my feet up and relaxed, but there was one problem… One of them was swollen and hurt really bad. I didn’t notice until I stopped.

Author: Benjamin

Benjamin Thiel is a community leader, urban farmer, and author of The Ongoing Tale at Brothers Campfire. He might know a guy...

24 thoughts on “Benjamin’s Day At Brothers Campfire

  1. Under the mask.. says:

    Ut oh.. are you going to need a tetanus shot, or did you, rather, injure soft tissue in your foot? Hope it’s better tomorrow. Lovely sunset and watchers, and ew, bugs!

  2. Beverly says:

    What an amazing life…the blessings of Jacob. Please get a tetanus shot, just to be safe. Praying your foot feels better.

  3. Nancy Richy says:

    I wonder what your Fitbit reading would have been had you worn it? Take care of that foot!!

    1. Benjamin says:

      I would imagine a little over 20,000 steps. The foot has a bruise, but is pretty good! Thanks Nancy!

  4. Adelheid says:

    I just read this but have watched your Body Bologna in YT so I’m hoping your foot is completely healed already. Keep safe, my friend!


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