Benjamin, Brothers Campfire 09/20/2022

Hello, Benjamin from Brother’s Campfire here!

I am off for a few days, but my wife wasn’t about to let that disrupt her routine. She wanted to hang out with her mother.

So be it. I am an introvert and self-entertained, so after dropping off the kids at school, I took her to the gym to work out. I did a large volume of squats and she did therapy-type exercises. After dropping her off at home, I checked out Spencer’s Lawn and Garden for bulbs. They are about one US Dollar a piece and the variety was small. According to the owner, they cannot stay on the shelves.

Goodwill was next door so I perused it, looking for hand-thrown coffee cups. I saw this gem, and while I did not purchase it, I took it as a sign.

I suppose you can take anything as a sign, bit it was excellent timing.

While not necessarily a shopper, I had the urge and went to the Goodwill Outlet. I found a rugged winter shirt and some wooden chimes for the backyard.

My grandmother was on my mind, so I set out to tell her hello. Her area needed some weeds pulled, and I think she heard me up yonder. I will have to remember to ask her of she did.

Memorial Park was nearby so I stopped. All it takes is a quick Google, but I wonder why they call it Prospect Lake. Perhaps it is because of all the gang activity.

I stopped at the Crip side of the park and was greeted by 3 very large men in their forties. They were accompanied by a woman with an unleashed pit bull.

“What you need?” one asked. I smiled. I always smile when I am scared or nervous . Sometimes I laugh. It scares me sometimes.

“I am coming by to see the hood. I grew up here.”

“say what?”

“I grew up down the street. K Land. You know? “

Two of them didn’t know, but one of them and the woman wit the pit bull did. She said, “thats what’s up, this is K Land. ” She was just as Crip as her set.

I laughed. “In all my time here, I always got along with baby blue.”

A youngster, wanting to represent, challenged me. “K Land” wasn’t enough for him. “what you know about baby blue?”

I looked him up and down, condescending like. This was a good place to get beat down so posturing was important. “before you was born we had picnicks here and we fed baby blue hot dogs till they was all grown up. I bleed blue.”

He smiled. “that’s what’s up!”

I got my shot at the Crip side of Prospect lake. When I left, one stated, “later Cuz.”

Crip Side of Prospect Lake

Fortunately, they didn’t know when I said I “bleed blue” that I work for the executive branch of state government in a prison. Of course I bleed blue.

My travels took me downtown to Colorado Springs where I beheld a large, polished sphere at the corner of Sahwatch and Cimmaron.

This road led me towards Rocky Mountain Bee Supply where I had a few questions answered about my bees. Likely, they will not make the Winter, but I will fight alongside them for the best chance.

Right up the street was Ricks Garden center. Their selection of bulbs was dismal and high priced as well. I did purchase 3 pounds of winter rye since I was there. Then, I headed back to my neck of the woods and stopped of for some sugar to feed the bees.

The day wouldn’t have been the same if I hadn’t gotten dirty in the forest. The forest is a feisty woman who will give you rashes and scratches, but she won’t break your heart. She might try to kill you when you aren’t paying attention though. I brought my gathering bag and collected dry clay. I came across an altar as well. It was a little creepy to me even though it said Jesus on one rock. After a snack of prickly pear, I got in the car to return home. Along the way, I found some free styrofoam and cut some of it up with my mini Ka-Bar knife. The locals didn’t like my knife so I sheathed it and it broke jaggedly when broke by hand. I salvaged some of it for future use and lamented that me cutting it with a fixed blade knife made others uncomfortable. I could have collected more.

I didn’t get much done after that. I feel the squats I did earlier today and am a little tired. I will see you next time.

Author: Benjamin

Benjamin Thiel is a community leader, urban farmer, and author of The Ongoing Tale at Brothers Campfire. He might know a guy...

9 thoughts on “Benjamin, Brothers Campfire 09/20/2022

  1. The Sicilian Storyteller says:

    The thing that got me the most about this piece was the fact that your Grandmother passed on her 90th birthday. Now that’s something very special, don’t you think. I’m guessing she was a special woman, too. RIP

  2. Cassa Bassa says:

    I forgot about the bees don’t stand the cold weather. I used to go to tend the bees with my grandfather (mother’s side), without any covering. The bees didn’t mind, neither did we.


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