Brothers Campfire Baldwin Removes Mail, Goes Postal-An Ongoing Tale Episode 238

Hello, Benjamin from Brother’s Campfire here. If you are triggered in any way, kindly pass this post up.

If not, gather round and I will spin you a tale.

Baldwin Mailer, having laid an ax to the barrel rowed far from the Netty Northwich.

The Screaming Peaches stank in the bottom of the craft. He pulled his mail and shirt off. If he were to be scorched, it would be best not to be one with his clothing. 

Lulach had given him his woodcutting axe for the deed he was to commit. A battle axe would prove much too flimsy for the tough hide of a thunderbird. 

The screech was deafening as the creature descended for a drink of the brew. They could not resist it. Ahusaka had taught them this long ago. He was a fool for selling a breeding pair to the Alchemist, but there was no accounting for the ways of the Heron. 

He ducked as the monster sought a way to land on the small boat to take a sip. On the third pass, Baldwin struck the dragon square on the throat. It was unexpected and the dragon did not even realize that he was injured. Blood was visible and fell into the water. He flew a short distance and fell into the sea. 

“Boo that fear!” He bellowed. 

He could hear the cheers from the Netty Northwich and raised his arms in triumph. 

The second dragon was upset that his companion was not in sight and alarmed by the noise. He screamed in disapproval. 

Baldwin, having slain a number of dragons in his day was ready and maintained focus. This one was not about to be baited as was his kinsman. 

As wing, scale and fire drew near, Baldwin readied himself for the pass. They were smart and would not make the same mistake too often. It would veer left or right or attempt to carry him in the air, but would not fly direct. 

It was not a time for thought, but instinct and action. His ax landed true in the dragon wing and he wondered that it was so quiet and dark of a sudden. 

Cindy, his love faded from memory and he found himself standing on a path. 

A dark voice called to him. 

“Baldwin of Silent Gallows, I have come for your soul. Come join me in utter darkness.”

Baldwin trembled in a fear that a Pequin could not instill. 

Meekly, Baldwin allowed a chain to be attached to his hands and he followed. He could not speak and was afraid to. He was guilty. As he descended, it grew hotter and hotter and he could smell sulphur. 

They met a man he could not make out as it was dark, and oh so hot.

After some deliberation between the two, he was released from his bonds and his captor departed. 

“Come with me”, said the man, who was tall, slender and slightly balding. We journey to a land of joy and peace. 

It was the Man with the Shepherd’s Crook. 

Author: Benjamin

Benjamin Thiel is a husband, father, correctional professional and author of The Ongoing Tale at Brothers Campfire.

8 thoughts on “Brothers Campfire Baldwin Removes Mail, Goes Postal-An Ongoing Tale Episode 238

  1. Turlough O'Hagan says:

    The one you call “Alchemist” is a very evil man and did us much harm. Why would the Heron do such a thing? He will only turn against them when they least expect it. Perhaps that why Ahusaka and his people haven’t been around. They should be ashamed of such a foolish deed.

  2. Cindy Georgakas says:

    That is the story nicely woven Ben…. Brave Baldwin slaying those dragons with no thought of me or maybe because of me. 🤣 I’ll meet him in the land of joy and peace for better days ahead.


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