A Return To Blogging?


Benjamin from Brother’s Campfire here!

It has been a long time since I have blogged.

A long time for me is a couple of days and it has been weeks. Over the past year, it is been inconsistent.

In no particular order, this is what I have done since my last post; I purchased a chainsaw and cut over a cord of wood, harvested raspberries and grapes, aquired a forklift fork to use as an anvil, school started for my kids, I dabbled in livestreaming, a man I grew up with was shot and killed and I attended his funeral, I bartered giant pumkins to get cool things, a man dropped bees off in my yard, and I am scheduling big things at the prison like a full production musical and a magic show.

I am slowly writing fiction stories, but they are at times self-fulfilling and that kinda scares me. That is what happens when you loosely write real-life occurrences.

It is my intention to resume this outlet and type away with my thumbs on the phone. That might mean getting up even earlier.

Admittedly I became distracted by the Nextdoor Application on the phone. Some folks call it Facebook Lite, and that turns me off about it. I am not into that scene.

Nextdoor worked much like Craigslist for me in aquiring neat things for Willow Manor and The Campfire, and because it is local, I have met a lot of cool people.

However, my heart isn’t into Nexdoor. Many times, it is slimy. Yesterday, I had a man call me and demand that I help him in his yard for free. It was hard not to introduce him to a lesson in manners and sense that he must have lost somewhere along the way.

I do not need drama like that in my life, but aquiring resources has been cool.

Me, hoping to cut 8 inches of metal with a hacksaw

Well, that is all for now. I look forward to spinning tales of fiction and real-life pretty soon here!

Author: The Storyteller

Benjamin Thiel is a husband, father, correctional professional and author of The Ongoing Tale at Brothers Campfire.

35 thoughts on “A Return To Blogging?

  1. Marlapaige says:

    Uh… what on earth made that person think calling you and demanding anything was even remotely acceptable? Jeez. I don’t think that’s the app as much as the person’s failure

      1. Marlapaige says:

        This is true. You come here for authenticity, true. NextDoor is for authentic junk that your neighbor doesn’t want but you do lol

  2. LuAnne Holder says:

    I am facilitating a gathering of a few artists today on the autumn equinox that is coming up on the 22nd. I looked into some Celtic traditions and one is storing up for winter and that sounds like just what you are doing! You will be well prepared for longer nights ahead.

    1. The Storyteller says:

      Oh, yeah. I schedule equinoxes at the prison for Northwestern European Pagans, Native Americans , Asatru and Ausar Auset. I think it is good to plan ahead for winter, especially in agricultural societys!

  3. dumbestblogger says:

    I suggest you substitute your hacksaw for a cutting torch. Chainsaws are fun. I once sawed a bees nest in two with one.

    1. The Storyteller says:

      Thank you for the suggestion, but I prefer to start smithing a decade or so from now and I want to be a hacksaw master to acquire my 2-degree blade belt. I just got a hive. Hmmm… The chainsaw possibilities are endless.😁

  4. The Sicilian Storyteller says:

    Welcome back! You’ve been missed! You were gone so long, I decided to change my pen name to The Storyteller then was informed by WordPress that was YOUR pen name and I couldn’t have it so I am now The Sicilian Storyteller! I’ll make you an offer you can’t refuse AND tell you a story at the same time! LOL!! Good luck with your fiction stories; they are not terribly daunting if you don’t overthink them. Go with the flow, Benjamin. 👍🏼

  5. stevescountry says:

    Hi Benjamin, nice to see you are keeping busy, also nice to see you back with us again. Don’t worry if you have to miss sometimes, there are a lot of things that need attention sometimes. Have a great day!😊😺☕☕

  6. Cassa Bassa says:

    It’s good to catch up with what’s been happening, which was a stack. I also will catch up with your recent new posts.


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