Shout Outs!

Hello Friends!

I did not complete the terms of an award the other day and committed to giving a few shout outs. Here are four!

My First

So, I was over at Andrew’s site and he had a thought provoking post about what defines a person. His articles are well thought out and he gives credit to his sources. Be sure to subscribe for all his new material! 

Hey Andrew, is it stealing if you use the exact same stock photo? 😝 In all seiousness, I was motivated by the read, friend!

My Second

Nikki has been following the ongoing tale in the Land of La Longi for quite some time. 

I have read her site on several occasions and she is a Northwich Warrior recipient for writing a post about facing fear

Write an article about facing fear and send me a link. Commander Nicholas will assess if you are worthy of the banner!

Initially, I felt I had no reason to read about glitter, sparkles, red lipstick, or ritzy glitzy things.

Then I remembered I fancy myself a storyteller.

Who better to get insight for a female character than someone who knows a little about the topic!

So, I asked her to write what an ideal man was to her. Surprisingly, she did! 

I believe her perspective has done volumes to assist in my own writing. Only time will tell. Thank you Nikki!

My Third

The Dumbest Blogger is unique, original and funny. I have really enjoyed his posts and the banter back and forth. 

Try as I may, I will never attain your greatness, but we can share a fondness for chicken and donuts!

And at last, the Fourth!

I also wanted to express gratitude to my beloved for breakfast. It was exotic and original! Thank you!

It tasted delectable, bit it doesn’t have a name!

Well, I am going to sign off for the day! I am exhausted!

Author: The Storyteller

Benjamin Thiel is a husband, father, correctional professional and author of The Ongoing Tale at Brothers Campfire. His favorite quote is "Don't count the lions. It will make you afraid and slow you down."

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  1. Hello friend! I just wanted to mention something.
    Whenever I open your new posts in the wordpress reader, it requires to visit your site in order to read the full post. I realise that it might be helpful, but many a times it acts as a problem for a reader giving quick reads to the posts.
    It is just a suggestion, that you could make the posts readable in the reader?
    I realise that redirecting to your site might be beneficial, so understand if you prefer it that way.

      1. Hi Cassa Bassa! I am looking into it. O am self hosted and there are a lot of options I am unfamiliar with. I will make this request a priority! Thank you for making me aware!

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